We provide rigorous, fact-based global intelligence and case experience for developing operations strategies that couple new intelligent automation technologies and practices with successful change management.


Faced with an ever-expanding array of new technologies and innovative service options, businesses and governments alike are challenged to stay competitive and relevant, to make wise decisions, to achieve more for less, and to do so responsibly. Powerful automation and artificial intelligence tools are reshaping the strategy and operations landscape, and the need for reliably informed decision-making and effective change management in this area grows more acute by the day.

In this environment, the strategic contribution of new technologies and collaborative service relationships – and their importance to shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, citizens and taxpayers - demands farsighted planning and effective governance. At Knowledge Capital Partners, we help clients design and implement sustainable, evidence-based strategies that are ethical, socially responsible, commercially effective, and professionally managed. And we work closely with them to build collaborative change capabilities across their operations and service ecosystem.

We offer an unrivalled case research base, executive education, independent advisory and speaker services to corporate and government clients worldwide, through a global network of senior business professionals, academics and consultants.


We provide independent expert insight and fact-based case evidence to all parties involved in Intelligent Automation.

KCP NEtwork

A group of people who offer exceptional insight and experience of transforming policies and practices to achieve better outcomes.

What’s new?

Three members of Knowledge Capital Partners have teamed up to write an important new book, ‘Becoming Strategic with Robotic Process Automation’, based on four years of evidence based research, which analyses the critical factors in successfully deploying intelligent automation.