We bring independent expert insight and fact-based case evidence to all parties involved in Intelligent Automation – vendors, users and national and regional policy makers.


Our partners have practical insights gained from researching and analyzing the key success factors in implementing innovative Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Cognitive tools that are transforming business performance and public service delivery.



Having worked with major corporate and the public service clients investing in intelligent automation, our partners have deep insight into their experience at different stages along this journey. We have built an unrivalled bank of empirical evidence which helps clients to develop the strategies, policies and practices that work best in applying intelligent automation to streamline operations, increase productivity, create differentiated customer experiences and open up opportunities for innovation and enhanced competitiveness.


We also work with developers and vendors of these technologies to help them maximize their understanding of the user experience and validate the results they enable clients to achieve. Our rigorous analysis of the conditions and methods that lead to success and optimal return on investment helps vendor companies develop robust and differentiated assets for thought leadership in their marketing.


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For the architects of Government policy who must address both the innovative possibilities and the disruptive effects of Intelligent Automation, we provide the most knowledgeable and trustworthy advisors. Partners who will help chart a course with you for policy positions and strategies that are reliably informed, wise and responsible. Based on hard evidence, free of vested interests.